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Web Marketing Business ConsultantsWe don't just work in massage, but we have established enviable results for our massage business customers in Sydney, with nearly every suburban* customer achieving Google Page 1 rankings for their chosen keywords. Further, our explosive growth has come from word of mouth, not advertising, hence our costs are low to provide you the best value for money. In addition to customer specific web sites, we operate the dominant Sydney massage directory - for relaxation and therapeutic Asian style massage.


Web Marvels aims to 'sell the empty seats' to help service-orientated businesses operate to their full capacity, and then to grow further.

Idle staff are costly, and effective use of capacity also helps keeps valued employees. What we don't do is encourage you to sell the empty seats at half price to disloyal bargain hunting coupon shoppers! We aim to attract customers who will respect your skills, pay for value, and return for service.

What is our approach?

We use our skills and experience in web marketing and business development to draw the web enquiries for the services you offer to you rather than a competitor. We achieve this through:

  • A well-crafted web site, brief but rich in vital information and imagery.
  • Development of complementary online content to cast a wide net and deliver more enquiries and customers to your door.
  • Integrity - we only promote businesses we have got to know and can vouch for the stated quality. Further, we don't promote identical businesses in the same suburb without customer approval. (Unlike the newspapers who take everybody's money for an increasingly dwindling exposure).
  • Support and advice for other advertising initiatives promotions - loyalty cards, pay per click, special offers.
  • Specialised business consulting advice - relating to strategic, branding, HR and competition issues.
  • Where applicable, social media and complementary paid advertising is used to enhance a business' reputation and visibility.
  • Low risk terms - we back our performance to deliver business growth to our customers or we don't get paid.
  • We custom design every site to give your business a unique style - we don't use off-the-shelf templates that make sites all look the same.
  • Professional custom photography - we avoid as much as possible the stock images of pretty girls and frangipanis - we take our own high quality photos so your website is unique.

We are not university student or Indian web developers, we are practiced and qualified Australian business managers offering business consulting services to give your business the benefit of our broad experience.

Could this apply to your business?

Yes, it probably can! Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for a no-obligation enquiry. We consider ourselves one of the leaders in Sydney Massage Marketing, but we have developed successful online material for a number of industries. Referees available.

Please note - this email address is for potential marketing customers, not potential suppliers! We don't send SPAM and we don't want it either! Massage service related enquiries should be directed to the service provider directly by phone.

*We obviously can't achieve individual Page 1 listings for all our CBD customers, so we work extra hard to provide them other forms of exposure.